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Pirlotv: Looking for a better legal alternative? (2022)

We will show you a much better legal alternative to the soccer website Pirlotv. Come check us out now You will be surprised...

Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Friday, 07.October 2022 — 3min read is a French-based website that offers live streaming sports, live TV, Pay Per View events for free. Pirlo TV is one of the most widely used online streaming sites. It has live videos but lacks images on the homepage. However, this site has problems though. It has problems and and said to be shut-down by authorities. Too many pop-up and irrelevant ads.


As for sports websites that offer free content, one of the best known is PirloTV: it offers links to retransmission of matches and sporting events whose signal is transmitted online. PirloTV is an online platform where you can watch the best sports competitions, the best football leagues and other sports such as the NBA, tennis or MotoGP.

Introduction 2

It offers a daily list of events in which when you click you access an external page where you can see the broadcast of the match in the language and in the indicated characteristics. The streams are not hosted on their servers, so the business model is basically to receive money for advertising, which slows down the page on certain links.


Making a summary of PirloTV we will see that it is one of the best pages to watch soccer online where you can get practically all the leagues in the world, and European and South American competitions. It has a very easy to understand and use interface, which shows live matches and those that will be offered. There is advertising, as in all similar pages, but it is not usually as invasive or annoying as on other websites.

Advantage 2

The offer of links that can be seen on PirloTV for each match or sporting event is an average of about 5. In the case of major events with high-level sporting events, such as the Champions League knockout matches, these they can be multiplied since it is known that most of these events are broadcast on payment platforms, which makes streaming site operators greatly increase their offer to capture the traffic that will surely accumulate in the minutes before and during the match.

Advantage 3

There are hundreds of ways to stream your favorite team from any mobile device with an Internet connection. There are hundreds of web pages and applications to watch football matches without any kind of complication, Pirlo TV is a good option. This page is one of the best where you can enjoy watching football online for free.


Pop-ups aren't many, but they can definitely make us angry on a bad day when all you want to do is watch some sport. Now, if you are going to use Pirlo TV from a computer, you will not suffer as much from pop-up windows, but it will be worse if you access it from your mobile since every time you want a window another one will surely appear.

Disadvantage 2

Low transmission quality. One of the main reasons why it is not recommended to watch Pirlo TV from a phone is that the quality of the streaming is poor, in case you manage to avoid the ads and quickly enter to watch the game, you will be left with frustration because it is incredible poor quality.

Disadvantage 3

The problem is that the processing of the streaming does not work well either, especially if the mobile phone is used. The PirloTV channel has been closed down by the authorities for infringement of television rights and apparently the provider Arenavision Tv has not hosted live video content reproduced on this site for a long time. To circumvent the lack of copyright ownership, it appears that the indices are now being disseminated through external platforms such as Reddit and Buffstreamz, which are freely accessible but continue to be watched by regulators. Anyone who attempts to access the links on these portals also risks heavy penalties. Despite constant pressure from local authorities in many countries around the world and from national television networks that hold the television rights to live football matches, the live event broadcast channel PirloTV always finds new ways to offer links to users who want to watch the games for free.

Disadvantage 4

Most of the live events are available on the portal, but also replays of previous days' broadcasts.


In itself, access to PirloTV does not cause any irreversible damage to the PC, Tablet or Phone of those who visit it, since it only provides links to live football matches or replays of events that have already taken place. Although accessible from any device and from various countries globally, live streaming may be blocked in some countries.

Conclusions 2

As for pop-up windows, it is one of the portals in which you are less stressed when pressing the numerous crosses to close the annoying windows that appear on the screen of the device. Pirlotv is one of several options that can allow us to watch sports online without any expense.

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